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Car Hand Wash: Do’s and Don’ts for Plantation, Florida Residents

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A sparkling and shining clean car is not just a call for attention in Plantation, Florida. It is about maintaining the good condition of the car and extending its lifespan and value. But when it comes to car hand washing, what are the do’s and don’ts that you should follow? In this article, we will cover the things you should do and should avoid. 

Car hand washing 

Washing cars by hand was the most common technique for a long time. Many car owners are embracing the latest craze of automated washing in a carwash as a result of technological advancements and the ever-increasing need for productivity.

Because the user has had contact with the car, the final result of a handwashing job is generally considered perfect. It is recommended that you use a hand wash in conjunction with other coating techniques. Moreover, buckets and sponges for car handwashing are usually less expensive and can be found almost anywhere. Lastly, there are certain places on the car body that machines may not be able to achieve, but handwashing may be able to remove the dirt.

The do’s and don’ts of car hand wash 

Do get your supplies ready before you start. A bucket, sponges, soft brushes, clean towels, chamois, blowers for drying, and any necessary protectants should all be included in your toolkit.

Do not go too long between washes, as dirt and dust will weaken your vehicle's paint and cause it to chip. Depending on the weather and how often you use your car, experts recommend washing every one to three weeks and waxing every season.

Do start with the wheels and tires, then rinse one part of the body at a time, working your way down from the top. Instead of rubbing in circles, which can leave swirl marks, use a back-and-forth motion.

Washing your car in direct sunshine or with a hot finish is not a good idea. Liquids dry quickly in high temperatures, leaving spots and mineral deposits on the paint.

For instructions on how to care for your car, consult your owner's manual. Test cleaning products in a small, out-of-the-way area first, such as a door jamb or under a seat, to ensure they don't cause discoloration or other harm.

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